About Kenja

Where I come from

Ever since I was a cute little boy, music has fascinated me. I started playing the classical guitar at young age and moved on to te electric guitar in my teen years. After some experiments with my own band, I knew that creating and playing music for others is the one thing I want to do in life.

What I do

Unforgettable sets are my mission. I love experiments and I'm not afraid to bring back the old gems - and don't mind doing a whole set around them. If you have danced at one of my "Forgotten x Rediscovered" gigs, you know what I'm talking about. Moreover, EDM sets are my second home. Nothing compares to a crowd shaking off to electronic tracks.

Everybody knows that great music only brings you half way to ecstasis. For the other half, I bring Oli. He knows how to work those light controls.

During daytime, I'm an electrical engineering student at the federal institute of technology in Zurich, Switzerland, and work as a web engineer in a start-up.

Where I'm going

I live day by day, really. What I can say for sure, however, is that you might want to stay tuned for my electronic and mash-up productions in the near future, mixing up the new and the old.